Boatyard Story

04 December 2016
Boatyard Story

The boatyard that was, is and may be.

This story began and ended on Sunday the 4th. We, (myself, Carla and Margretha) wanted to get close to the water to get some shots. I suggested Waveney Meadow displayed below as rather a drastically reduced tree.

I was shooting mostly on Auto because my mind was not on technique, and more on the disappearing light. I did try some shots on a higher ISO (3600) and P mode, however, I think all the photos displayed here are on Auto. We tried to find our way to see the water of the river Waveney, however, the mud was awfully good for pigs. Because we were not (pigs) we decided to attempt another route, however, we were blocked there as the path had closed up due to lack of use. At this point I declared Plan B to be operative and we headed in another direction. I knew a place where we could take some photos. This shot is of a Willow I had planted in Norfolk many years previous.

The next photo has the sunset framed as the object I was trying to capture. I hope that you see what I see, as it is a most beautiful sunset. Although it is very low in the Sky.

Margretha and Carla were busy taking photos and did not notice me capture them. Lucky for them I was not the enemy.

These two trees are in Norfolk. For those that are interested, one may walk to this point from the Iron bridge that is one of the entrances to Beccles. One may walk all the way to Geldeston and beyond from this place. I would wear appropriate foot wear.

Life saver's are a good idea where water is concerned.

All for now from the Suffolk side of the border. I shall return to Norfolk.

David A. Robertson (04.12.2016)

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