How to give feedback on photographs

22 March 2017
How to give feedback on photographs

Tips for members...

We join a club to learn how to become a photographer/to make good photographs or to improve our photography skills and photographs. 

An essential part of that process is receiving feedback. Below is a critique guidance sheet which will help you with that task. But, if you are very new and have not yet mastered or understood all the technical aspects of photography, except for the Thinking paragraph, most of what is in the guidance may leave you baffled and even more daunted at the prospect of giving feedback.

Fear not. Despite what it says in the introduction, it is acceptable to say ‘I Iike/do not like...’ or ‘I am attracted/not attracted to...’ or even ‘this photo rings/does not ring my bell...’. 

However, the most important thing if you make any of these statements, or similar ones, is you must say why you feel that way. By itself, like/do not like is meaningless. As on Facebook it is very easy to tick like. It requires no thought, no analysis, no feeling even. Feedback to have any value at all needs the analysis and thought behind the ‘like/not not like’.

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