A few separate days joined together

08 October 2018
A few separate days joined together

My invisible friend

So. This Blog is about some photographs that I have taken  this year, and some of the reasons for taking them.

W for William. The name of my Grandfather who I never met. A machine gunner in the 1st World War. 4 minutes life expectancy then, and he survived. He still did not meet any of his grandchildren.

A totally surreptitious sign hidden in the bushes to the extent I had to dig it out from the undergrowth. Nothing to do with me this sign, despite the 10 rings I wear. 9 for the past one for the future, I wear them because I can.

All those conversations. A telephone pole in the village of Kirby Cane + Ellingham.

Aqua. An essential in life. Nice round cover to a hole.

In honour of my Aunty Pam. Also slight shoe modelling going on.

This is where my invisible friend sat as I ate my meal one day. This was the time the Ray Bradbury Universal Paradox occurred. Love them.

The Restaurant, myself and invisible friend were having lunch at the time.