Oil and Water Photography0

04 March 2018
Paul Nevens
Oil and Water Photography

The Oil and Water photography practical evening was replaced by the Photographer of the Year No 3 because of the weather. But here are the instructions as to how to go about producing a photograph using oil and water.

Norfolk Signs0

15 February 2018
Norfolk Signs

Signs from around Norfolk, Nelson's County

Opening and working on a JPG in camera RAW0

11 February 2018
Opening and working on a JPG in camera RAW

How to open a JPEG/JPG image in Camera RAW and then make changes to the image.

NDPC Summer 20160

07 September 2017
Claire Wallace
NDPC Summer 2016

photos taken by members during the summer of 2016

How to photograph fireworks0

20 August 2017
How to photograph fireworks

A summer nights dream :)