NDPC Committee Members

Committee Members

Chair - Diane Ash
Programme Manager - Robert Amies
Technical Director - David A. Robertson, Stuart Whiley
Treasurer/Secretary - Diane Ash
Hospitality - Jonathan Tidswell
Member's Members - Vacant Position
Facebook Administrator/Moderator - Kathy Macwillson

Committee Roles and Descriptions (PDF)

NDPC Constitution



The AGM is the held on penultimate meeting of the club year making the final month the only one to have 3 club meetings.

The committee stands down at the AGM and a new committee is voted in. 

 Members can either put themselves forward for a role on the committee:

  1.  either on the night or beforehand by emailing the Chair, or 
  2. ask another member to do so, or 
  3. other members can propose a member for the committee having sought their permission first. 

At the AGM, members putting themselves forward for a role on the committee will need to be seconded by at least one other member of the club.

Although the outgoing committee has stood down, so technically is no longer in office, they will see out the year and hand over to the new committee immediately after the club year ends.

Interclub competitions:
An independent judge to be brought in to decide which 6 digital images and 6 prints out of those submitted are to go forward to the inter-club competition.