History of the Club

History of the club

'InnDecent Exposures’ was the photo club started by Leanne Freeman, an ex-pat Australian running the 'Horse and Dray' public house on Ber Street, for other ex-pats. Once a month, Leanne would display the members’ photos in the pub and customers would vote on which they thought was the best one.

In 2010 Leanne moved to the 'Mustard Pot' on Thorpe Road. By this time there were no Australian members left, Leanne had begun running a netball team and the club was being neglected with the result that it became disorganised. She eventually left Norwich altogether to run a new pub in Suffolk.

Norwich Digital Photo club:

Alan and Julie Marshall and Norman Tottle joined the above club in 2009 and when Leanne moved to Suffolk they were faced with the choice of disbanding or moving and forming a new club.

They decided to form a new club and so in 2010 The Norwich Digital Photo club was created. Norman Tottle and Alan and Julie Marshall, had been members of the Norwich and District Photographic Society and in creating the new photo club they wanted something that would make it different to the other Norwich photo club, hence decided to concentrate on digital images as opposed to prints.

Another decision they made was that it would not be a ‘teaching’ club. While members would share their knowledge, experience and expertise, bearing in mind practical events were rare in the early years, if new members wanted to learn about the camera and photography they needed to seek formal instruction elsewhere.

Norman, who took charge of the website and technical side of the club, Alan [Chair] and Julie [Secretary and Treasurer] ran the club from its inception until 2015, although other roles had been added to the committee - events manager, competition manager, member’s members. In 2015 feeling they had taken the club as far as they could, they decided to step down and hand over to new blood, although Norman carried on as Chair until the following year.

The new committee started in the 2015 / 16 club year and one of the first things they did was introduce more practical evenings, something that all members wanted, but particularly new ones who had little/no experience of photography and had joined the club to learn. While the club is not a ‘teaching’ club there is more sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise amongst members particularly on practical evenings.

Over the years the club has changed and developed and will continue to do so with the arrival of new members with fresh ideas.

When in 2015, the Photo Club's new technical director, David Andrew Robertson, took over Technical Support, he decided to create a new website. Carla Hodgson [Chair] took screenshots of the old one and put them together with those of the new into a presentation and highlighted the changes which apply not only to the website but to the club as well.