NDPC Photographer Of The Year Rules

Photographer of the Year Competition (POTY)

There are 2 levels for the POTY.

Level 2- for those newer to photography who might feel daunted by the efforts of those more experienced.

Level 1 - for the more experienced and confident photographer.

Members decide which level they wish to enter.

For Photographer of the Year, the scores of both images are combined and determine who is in first, second and third place. As the judge announces the scores for the individual images, they will not be posted on the website, only the cumulative score.

To arrive at the ranking for Photographer of the Year, the scores for all 4 POTYs are added together and the results determine who is in first, second and third place. The results will be posted on the website.

POTY Themes for 2017 -> 2018

1. Discarded

2. A splash of colour

3. Open - a free choice of subject matter

4. Triptych 

To see how your images are assessed and marked please click on this link to see the POTY scoring system.


  1. The competition is open to all members of the Club.
  2. A maximum of two entries in any one round may be submitted.
  3. There is an expectation that if you have submitted a photo to the competition you will attend the meeting.
  4. All images must the work of the photographer, even composite creations.  Manipulation in photographic design software is allowed.
  5. Photographs must have been taken within the last 5 years.
  6. Images should be submitted, by email, no later than midnight on the  Wednesday  before the Competition date. Any entries submitted after midnight  Wednesday will be disqualified.
  7. If you do not receive a confirmation email please send a fresh email, using poty@ndpc.org.uk, asking if your photographs have been received.
  8. All images should have the name and number of the competition and a title followed by the level, eg, "P1 - title of photo, level 1". Note P1 = POTY 1. To make sure that your photos have titles and level, please also include both in your submission email. See an example of a submission below...
  9. All images should be resized to 1400 pixels on the longest side and 150 DPI.
  10. No watermarking on images although watermarking in camera is acceptable and advisable. For competitions the author of the image has to be anonymous so members do not know whose photograph they are critiquing and voting for.

  11. Images entered for the competition will automatically be published on the website for the duration of the club year so that:

    i] Those who were not able to attend can still see the images submitted.

    ii] Those who did attend are able to revisit the images at leisure on their own equipment.

    iii] For those looking for a photo club it gives them an idea of the range and variety of subjects tackled and the range of images, skills and experience.

    iv] To assess the quality of images to see into which level one falls.

    v] To gain as much information as possible about potential competitors. The images provide a benchmark against which one can compete and improve.

Email Images To Compete

Please email the images to poty@ndpc.org.uk to compete.